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Join our soap-making workshop! This hands-on class will guide you through the soothing process of creating your own beautiful soaps using the melt and pour method.

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Know Your Trainer

At six, Aish suffered a severe burn accident that left her with scars, sensitive skin, and self-confidence issues that persisted into adulthood. Struggling with societal beauty standards and constantly comparing herself to flawless models, her self-esteem worsened. Seeing her distress, Aish’s mother decided to help.

In their family, Ayurveda, yoga, and holistic living were fundamental. Her mother researched natural remedies for Aish’s sensitive skin, using ancient Ayurvedic recipes. Together, they experimented with these ingredients to create natural skincare products.

As Aish began using these products, her skin became healthier, and she felt confident and beautiful in her own skin. This journey led her to create her own natural skincare line, SPELL – MAGICAL BATHING. Through her brand, Aish hopes to inspire others to embrace their true selves and see their imperfections as beautiful.


What You'll Learn

In this workshop, you’ll master classic soap-making techniques such as swirling, layering, and crafting uniquely shaped soaps. Under the guidance of an experienced soap maker, you’ll learn how to create soap, choosing your preferred colors, fragrances, and designs. By the end of the class, you’ll take home all the soaps you’ve crafted, along with the skills and knowledge to continue your new hobby.

What to expect:

  • Workshop duration: 1.5 hours
  • Introduction to soap-making- 10 mins
  • Blending your own fragrance- 5 mins
  • Using different herbs and flowers in soap-making- 5 mins
  • Making 1st type of soap- 20 mins
  • Making 2nd type of soap- 20 mins 
  • Letting the soap set- 15 mins
  • Unmolding the soaps- 5 mins
  • Packing your handmade soaps- 10 mins

Suitable For

This workshop is perfect for every group occasion. Whether you’re looking for a fun weekend activity, planning a bachelorette party, or seeking a unique team-building experience, our soap-making class is the ideal choice. It’s suitable for all skill levels, so everyone can enjoy the creative process and leave with a handmade takeaway that enhances their self-care routine.
  • Retreats + Team Building
  • Holiday Parties + Summer Outings
  • Product Launches
  • Community Events
  • Weddings + Anniversaries + Birthdays + Holiday Parties

Happy Moments From Our Recent Workshops

Customers reviews

I recently attended a DIY soap-making workshop hosted by Spell Bathing at Bay 151, and it was an absolutely magical experience! From the moment I walked in, the atmosphere was warm and inviting, setting the perfect tone for creativity and fun. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and passionate about their craft, making the process of soap making both educational and enjoyable.
Ashanti Pettiford
New Jersey
Spell Bathing is a wonderful small business which produces some amazing smelling soaps. I attended one of their workshops and made some beautifully smelling soaps. Aishwarya and Mridula were very helpful as they explained the soap making process and made the workshop super fun!!!
Damini Cousik
Damini Cousik
New Jersey
Spell Bathing hosting a soap making event at the building I live in. It was so much fun (using different soap bases, fragrances, colors, adding oatmeal, lavender, eucalyptus, etc) and the candles came out amazing, every one was unique and beautiful! Thanks for a great time!
Liz Lazarow
New Jersey
Really amazing soap making workshops. Really love it! Fantastic fragrance oil provided!
New Jersey
Spell bathing hosted a Soap Making event today at our housing community and it was really fun.. we created some beautiful soaps. definitely recommend her for any event
New Jersey
My daughter and I had a wonderful time at the soap making class organized by Spell Bathing. It was a fun activity and the final product looks and smells amazing
Suchandra Kanungo
New Jersey

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